Why should you buy a portable Wi-Fi Router today?

Why should you buy a portable Wi-Fi Router today?
With each passing day, our world is becoming increasingly more wireless. Today, more than ever before we’re constantly moving from one Wi-Fi zone to another. Whether it’s home or office, railway station or local café – we’re connected all the time!

But what about the time we spend travelling? We have become so accustomed to having Internet around us 24×7 that even the thought of being offline makes us uncomfortable. This is where a portable Wi-Fi Router comes to your rescue!

What is a portable Wi-Fi Router?
Portable Wi-Fi Routers are palm-sized gadgets with the ability to connect you to the Internet, anytime, anywhere. In simple words, these routers allow you to setup your own secure Wi-Fi hotspots. Once the Wi-Fi hotspot has been set up, you can connect all your wireless devices including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more to access the Internet.

How does a portable Wi-Fi Router work?
Portable Wi-Fi Routers are made up of two parts – the actual portable Wi-Fi device and the SIM that goes inside of it. In essence, it works like a 4G/3G dongle with an added feature that lets all your wireless devices connect wirelessly with the router. Incredibly easy to use, all one needs to do is charge the device and put in a SIM card to surf Internet on the go.
A word of caution here: some companies sell locked portable Wi-Fi Routers, which means that they are compatible with SIM cards of only a particular service provider. Hence, it is advisable to get an unlocked portable Wi-Fi Router that allows easy portability from one service provider to the other.

What is DG-HR1070MSE? Who is it for? Should I buy it?
DG-HR1070MSE is a Wireless 4G/3G MiFi Broadband router that uses the latest wireless IEEE802.11n technology to stream data. Its Li-polymer 2000mAh battery ensures a longer battery backup and the Micro SD card slot can be used for storage using SD card up to 64GB allowing you to always have your files on hand.
One of the most striking features of the MiFi Router is that it has a universal SIM support i.e. it is compatible with SIM cards of all service providers offering you maximum flexibility to choose your Internet partner even when you’re on the move.
With a Wi-Fi hotspot that can connect up to 10 wireless devices, DG-HR1070MSE from the house of DIGISOL is for those who intend to stay connected while travelling. Its compact design, which is small and slim enough to fit in your purse, bag, or pocket, makes it an ideal device to carry and connect to the Internet instantly.

Mifi router

The power-packed MiFi Router is also super-easy to set-up. Here’s a video guide to help you configure your DG-HR1070MSE.

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