Wi-Fi Range Extender

Imagine this: It’s a cold winter night and you’re lying cozily in your bed. Sneaked inside your warm blanket, all you want to do is listen to your favourite songs online. However, destiny (read Wireless Router) has different plans. You get no Wi-Fi range on your bed, leaving you with two options – one, wrap your blanket around and stand at the doorway of your room to get access to the Internet; and two, go to sleep!

We all have those corners of our home that fail to receive optimum Wi-Fi range. There are multiple reasons for why the Wi-Fi signal may be super-strong in one room and unbelievably weak in the other. Factors like architecture of your home, thick walls, household electronics, and presence of other Wi-Fi networks affect the performance of your home Wi-Fi. While some of these can be addressed via easily available quick fixes or simply changing the location of your Wireless Router; you need a lasting solution for the others.

And that’s where a Wireless Range Extender or Wireless Repeater comes to your rescue!

So what is a Wireless Range Extender or Wireless Repeater?
In telecommunications, a repeater is an electronic device that receives a signal and retransmits it at a higher level or higher power, or onto the other side of an obstruction, so that the signal can cover longer distances. In short, it extends the range of your Wireless Router thus giving you equal distribution of Wi-Fi speed in every corner of your home or office.


How does it work?
A Wireless Router is just like a sophisticated modem (minus the cables) – its only job is to connect your devices to the Internet. This connection is formed using radio waves and not cables. All Wireless Routers contain a low-power radio transmitter and receiver that help in receiving and sending Internet data to other devices. It is the transmission of these radio waves that are obstructed owing to a number of reasons as mentioned earlier.

A strategically placed Wireless Range Extender or Repeater receives these radio waves containing Internet data and retransmits them to other areas of your home or office that are inaccessible to your Wireless Router.

All you’ve got to do is place the Extender or Repeater at a location from where it can receive the radio waves emitted by your Wireless Router. After connecting it to a power supply, you can configure it using your computer and your Wi-Fi range gets an instant boost.

DIGISOL Wireless Range Extenders (DG-WR3001N, DG-WR4801AC and AC750) are ideal for homes and small offices. In addition to extending the Wi-Fi range of your Router, these Range Extenders from DIGISOL also work as Access Points helping your device connect to a wired network as well.

digist-post-1.1 DIGIT – India’s leading technology magazine recommends DIGISOL DG-WR3001N as the Best Buy Product to extend your Wi-Fi range.